Welcome to Hunnyfly! I’m Reina Campbell native of Lompoc and lover of yoga: My first yoga love came in the form of Acroyoga, AIReal to follow then finally Vinyasa. A bit backward from the rest but that’s the way I like it! I began Acroyoga 4 years ago and teach along with my lovely flyer, Breanna Churchman. We teach privates, including kids acro and workshops here at hunnyfly. I also teach AIReal yoga and Vinyasa and am working towards my 200 hr YTT through Yoga Alliance. I hold on to the feeling I had when I first began Acroyoga,  the first time I stuck star in AIReal and my first Vinyasa class where my mind and body were in full connection. Synapses snapping in timing with my movement and breathing. The mechanism of my mind clear of all else but my moment in that pose.  I hope to give that feeling back- to let that mom have a moment of peace and love towards  her body, the working man feel a  flow that brings them back to a graceful relaxing moment- whatever “that moment” is for you- come experience your relaxasana, releaseasana, ohyesthisisexactlywhatineededasana.