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Hunnyfly 200 & 300 Yoga Teacher Training

Are you interested in Yoga Teacher Training but have scheduling issues with the six month training cirruculum? Then join us in the Ongoing yoga teacher training sessions. These meet one a month but require regular classes at the the studio and allow you to begin your yoga teaching career within 90 days after entering the program. This is a more rigorous schedule BUT an amazing way to learn how to teach.

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum $2250

  • How to design & teach a awesome yoga class
  • Presenting the asanas in an order or sequence that prepares, compensates, and returns the body and mind to a state of comfort, balance and strength
  • Adapting postures to meet the needs of the students
  • Adjustments &  safety issues
  • Linking breath and movement
  • Incorporating movement and freedom into your class
  • Posture variations
  • Discovering your students’ needs
  • Your own personal yoga style
  • Effective communication
  • Body language & touch
  • Meditation & Pranayamas
  • Philosophy & ethics of a teacher
  • Inspirational class themes
  • Planning classes effectively & how to improvise

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum 300 HR  $2850

  • Focus on your teaching voice
  • Understanding your students
  • Meditation techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Adaptive requirements
  • Teaching varied styles
  • Looking at students postures
  • Energetic anatomy
  • History
  • Shiava Tantra Theory
  • Posture variations
  • Assisting in YTT
  • Teaching 2 classes weekly – different styles
  • Social Media
  • Effective communication
  • Body language & touch
  • Planning classes effectively & how to improvise
  • Principles of sequencing
  • Finding your style
  • Teaching beginners
  • Teaching mixed levels
  • Providing adjustments & modifications
  • Lots of practice teaching with feedback

Emphasis Options in:


Aerial Restore

Aerial Yoga


Our yoga teacher training schools in Lompoc and India meet all Yoga Alliance requirements. I am an E-RYT 500 and teach for the 200 & 300 hour level  in U.S. & India



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