Class Descriptions

 Aireal Yoga Level I

A combination of yoga on our mat AND in a yoga hammock. Stretch and strengthen everything AND enjoy a weightless savasana. Ariel I is great for beginners because there is a focus on alignment and developing strength without as much pressure on joints. We do a lot of stretches for our hips, and shoulders as well as strengthen upper body and core.

Aireal Yoga Level II

This class can get a little CRAZY!! We do a lot of warm-ups with arm balances, inversions, sock yoga, and often a sequence that incorporates everything – from more advanced hammock postures to more simple postures. This is not a beginners class – I require 10-12 regular hammock classes before this class is allowed.

Restorative Yoga

Very relaxing and perfect for beginners. There is more focus on breathing and we may hold poses longer and move more slowly. Guided breath work, visualizations, goddess cards and use of props like blankets and bolsters help take everyone into a state of deep relaxation.

Gentle Vinyasa

Introduction to yoga postures and philosophies. Excellent for beginners. We do a variety of asanas including seated, standing, balance and inversions (upside down poses). This is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals, relieve stress, improve sleep and relax.

Vinyasa Flow All Levels

The opportunity to find a sense of freedom in your practice. A led class that links breath, movement and intentions with music will encourage the development strength and focus. This is a faster moving class with more intense postures. However, all instructors are trained to modify – so if anything gets too intense – CHILDS POSE!


A new Hunnyfly Lompoc tradition! Sundays at 7:45am join us for mantra practice! Basically we are just singing along with various artists, Krishna Das, WAH! Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh and many others. Somedays are guided meditations and others are simple chanting for 7-21 minutes depending on the chant.

Lunchtime Yoga – NOT Available 

The constant fluctuations in our body and life is our ebb and flow. This class will begin with a short meditation—instilling clarity. Following with slow and soulful transitions as we move through ups and downs, ins and outs creating a rhythm into various asanas. Warming the body up to slow down into juicy, deeper floor stretching. Ending with a long and well deserved Savasana. This class is suitable for all levels.It is sequenced to open and incorporate all parts of the body. Going back to work will feel amazing!

108 Sun Salutations

This is not really 108 necessarily, it could be 27 or 54. It could also be a chance to develop your own practice and learn a few poses on your own. Stay for chanting and feel super relaxed!

Saturdays at Hunnyfly

Saturday offers two different classes. 8 am is a Vinyasa flow and more intense than the 7am flows during the week. This is an excellent workout class! Followed by Aerial Level I – stay for both, but remember to sign-up to reserve a swing.





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