My name is Lisa Jay. I am an earth angel that has been practicing the healing arts for over 20 years through bodywork and energy healing. I have been intuitive and sensitive to energy (empathic) since I was a child, and have always felt a deep connection with nature and animals (Thus, I also practice Animal Communication and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science). I also discovered I could see and connect with spirits as a child, and later learned to help them cross over. Besides my intuitive abilities, I am trained in several massage and energy modalities. I have worked over 15,000 people from all across the planet through massage and energy healing sessions (Some of their names you would probably recognize, but I will keep their names confidential for their  privacy). After so many years of very physical massage work, I am honoring my body and choosing  to focus my attention and intention on energy healing, sound healing, yoga and transformation. I combine techniques, such as theta healing, access consciousness, reiki, healing touch, Quartz crystal bowl sound healing, aromatherapy, Yoga and intuition to help you transform stuck or negative thought patterns and beliefs, clear past traumas and stagnant energy, and balance the energy field and energy centers within and around the body. Through this transformation process, I help you remember and step into the empowerment of the unlimited being that you are. In so doing, you are free to create the life you desire, with clarity and peace of mind.