Lompoc Yoga VINJAPA™ with Martena

vinjapa™ yoga

Lompoc VINJAPA™ Yoga 

VINJAPA™ Yoga is new to Lompoc, but has been a practice of Martena’s since 2008. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini style yoga with mantra has helped engage the Vishuddhi Chakra, encouraging my voice and freedom in my words. Vinyasa if broken down has various meanings and Vinyasa has been very generically oversimplified to mean, “linking movement and breath” but it is more than that. It also means to place things in a certain way, it means to be placed correctly and to have a special place to put oneself. Richard Rosen does an excellent job of explaining the idea behind vinyasa here. If you teach, it is important to think about what you are saying, about what you are teaching and that takes time and practice. Knowing that there are layers to our knowledge and experience is important, just as there are layers to our practice, abilities and feelings. Exploring these delicate levels of awareness is what yoga is about.


Martena combines the love of mantra with the love of Ashtanga and movement oriented hatha yoga postures. In this class you will learn to chant and do yoga postures using the breath and the mantra as rhythm. VINJAPA™ Yoga is a way to combine chanting with vinyasa. The usual “culprit” that makes it difficult is the ego. We say to ourselves, “oh, I feel so stupid doing this.” Which shuts it down immediately. So, we do have to get past the unconscious way we talk to ourselves. Then the other issue. When we chant we want to sound good or we don’t like chanting. We think that if our voice isn’t perfect then we can’t chant. But this is not the case. Our voice is good and perfect as it is, we just have to find our freedom within the voice. Chanting will open the door to this freedom. It does take practice and the ego has to be given a “time out.” As we practice this style our ability to chant improves and our breath control improves. The practice then takes on it’s own energy as the mind focuses on the vibration and the sound. The mind and body merge, separate and then cease as the mantra takes over and influences the thought patterns. It is not an easy practice, but it is cool.


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