On-Going Training

200 & 300 HR On-Going Yoga Teacher Training

Hunnyfly Yoga offers two styles of Yoga Teacher Training “Ongoing Yoga Teacher Training” where you pay as you go.  A monthly fee of $200  (total cost $2250USD) allows you take unlimited classes, but a minimum of 2 classes a week with me. My program is registered through Yoga Alliance and I certify at the 200 &300 Hour in U.S. & India. After each class you log your hours for asana. We set up specific meetings over the course of the month to go over program requirements. I provide you with a manual, but do require you purchase certian books.

If you want to teach I will encourage you to begin teaching while in training usually after the first 90-120 days. This allows you to actually learn how to teach. You also have support while teaching and mentors that have already graduated that can provide their feedback and experience. We follow a training program based on your availability and you have as much time as you need to complete the program, but it could be done in 6-12 months depending on how quickly we complete the material. Please contact me to discuss your schedule and goals. We cover the Yoga Alliance required material, but I also offer lectures, classes and even intensives with international teachers Vijay Amar and Dr. Ganesh Rao, both based in India. Vijay will be doing an intensive here in Lompoc, CA March 2017. My program is very much based on what you want to accomplish as an integral part of this community. I offer training in aerial yoga as well as traditional Hatha Yoga. Teaching yoga is a service of love to the community we all share. If you want to learn how to be a good teacher-you have put in time in the classroom.

After you complete the program you will have the option to mentor the new Yoga Teacher Trainees through Hunnyfly’s mentorship program. This allows you to apply what you have learned and help those just starting out. You can attend their classes, offer feedback and be an important part of the support system that all teachers need.


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