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Join us on an amazing tour of Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Rishikesh and the Festival of Lights (Diwali). These are guided journeys with Martena & Vishal through our most favorite parts of North India.

      • This Tour is from October 29th – Nov. 9th 2018 and includes:
        • All breakfasts at all hotels -EXCELLENT veg meals (breakfast/light lunch/dinner) in Rishikesh Ashram and all meals at Elephant / Bear sanctuary
        • Journey to the Taj Mahal enjoy five star accommodations while in Agra, India. Tour The famous Taj Mahal and Agra Fort with a guide and dinner included
        • Tour the city of New Delhi, India (guide provided)
        • Day trip to Haridwar to Mansa Devi Temple
        • All lodging and transportation upon arrival – includes airport p/u AND hotel check – in
        • Double occupancy lodging (single would be an additional cost
        • The winter festival of Diwali
        • Volunteer at the Wildlife SOS Sanctuary
        • Four & Five star accommodations
        • $2900 FLIGHT INCLUDED



Join us this October and spend a few days at an Elephant and Bear sanctuary.  In India – as in all countries – animals are abused, mistreated and overworked. People’s activism in India’s wildlife conservation efforts ARE increasing and Wildlife SOS is a perfect example. We will spend 2-3 days working, helping and having a new experience in this social movement. We are very blessed to live in a country with – although there are problems still – ALOT of concern for animal welfare. Let’s take some of that activism and bring it abroad! October 29th – Nov. 9th 2018

Visiting India

My husband and I are the founders of Hunnyfly Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Before moving back to the U.S. we led tours and yoga teacher trainings throughout India.  Our family has been in the Indian travel business since the 60’s.

I love India and I want people to travel there, not just for yoga but to see a different perspective, to gain an understanding and an appreciation for culture. Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years so traveling is not as challenging as it was. But, it is still difficult to travel there if things are unplanned and/or you don’t really know people there. I know this through experience and have learned that having a friend in India will save you time and money. It is so much better to plan things out. That way when you get to India you can focus on the experience of the country instead of worrying about logistics.

Step 1- get a vaild passport

Anderson Recreation Division. The applications are in the lobby and they will process the forms for you once you have the required documents. Usually you just need an ID and a passport photo.

Step 2 – Get a travel Visa to India

Visa’s To India are Required. All applications are processed online and are very easy to get. E-visas are available through the above link.

Feel free to use the address below as a contact address in India. This will be required on your visa application.

Vihal Yadav

723 Satya Niketan,

1st Floor, House No 12

New Delhi India 110092

Medical Concerns:

I have known people that decided to take the malaria treatment prior to travel. More often than not they got sick and couldn’t travel due to the medication. So, I would keep in mind that you are going to a country where millions of people live and there are great doctors that have current medical training. India has medicine and in the event you did contract Malaria (which I have never seen) we could get you to a medical doctor. However, the choice is yours. You can check the CDC for India so you can make an informed choice. We are taking our 3 year old this year so I am of course nervous that due to his age he will get sick, so I am taking precautions as well. We are even bringing a car seat!

I got an immunoglobulin before I left on my first trip in 2005 and I was current on all of my vaccinations. I would caution against eating ANY meat products or “lettuce” AKA salad in India. Eat only vegetables that are can be peeled or are heated and cooked. Use hand-sanitizer constantly. During my first year of travel there I think I actually washed my fruits with hand-sanitizer  first, then rinsed with bottled water.

Please contact Martena at Hunnyfly Studios or just call/text.




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